Démodé Studios™ is a fashion label built on building relationships between our customers via clothing. To bring men's and womenswear to a level of equality by wearable art.

D E M O D É focuses on creating visual collections of art when it comes to streetwear. Pushing the limits, but always limitless, we challenge the now generation to step outside of the fashion norm. Wearing pieces based on the creativity, not just the popularity.

D E M O D É'S products are based on the idea's of the lifestyle of the Creative Director, we believe that being relatable and realistic is very important when creating. Every piece is made by the creative director himself out of Los Angeles, CA. Being that personal with the customer makes the lifestyle feel more realistic no matter where a person is located.

Our result is to develop consistent high fashion streetwear at affordable value & of premium quality. 

We are the now.